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  • Seven figure insurance coverage dispute involving the construction of a power plant
  • A 9-figure dispute between a bank and its insurer arising out of defaults by hundreds of borrowers
  • A dispute between a large health plan and a pharmacy benefits manager
  • Breach of fiduciary duty claim against stockbroker
  • Breach of warranty claim by a consumer
  • Partnership dispute
  • Dispute over the terms of a physician employment agreement
  • Claim of auditor malpractice
  • Dispute alleging breach of fiduciary duty by a business manager and investment adviser
  • Insurance coverage dispute over the release of pollutants from a landfill
  • Proceeding by a large lending institution to enforce numerous guaranty agreements
  • Dispute over damages to a heating and cooling system allegedly caused by microbial induced corrosion
  • Construction dispute involving claims exceeding $100 million
  • Dispute between a group of physicians and a company providing billing services
  • Dispute involving an asset purchase agreement between a large owner of radio stations
  • Dispute between a corporation and its former CEO over the granting of stock options
  • Dispute among physicians over compensation
  • Multi-million dollar dispute between investor and investment adviser alleging breach of fiduciary duty
  • Contract dispute between joint owners of an assisted living business
  • Dispute over the characterization of a shareholder advance to a corporation as a loan or capital contribution
  • Dispute over the failure to make certain payments in an asset purchase agreement
  • National class arbitration involving state and federal employment claims
  • Subrogation claim brought by an insurer against a manufacturer of an allegedly defective product
  • Dispute over a claimed contractual obligation of an insurance company to provide reserves as part of the sale of Medicare supplement policies
  • Claim by senior executive of an alleged breach of employment contract
  • Dispute over the cancellation of a real estate purchase contract
  • Claims and counterclaims regarding the sale of a waste and recycling business
  • Dispute between two partners over the distribution of assets of a limited liability company
  • Dispute over the terms of a contract regarding the sale of a waste management business
  • Class arbitration involving class under the Fair Labor Standards Act
  • Case involving a dispute over the sale of a manufactured home
  • Dispute over a franchise agreement
  • Whistleblower claim by attorney in a bank law department
  • Dispute over the claimed breach of real estate purchase contract
  • Employment dispute involving a claim under the Family Medical Leave Act