“Your keen ability as a mediator, working with the government and plaintiffs’ counsel, as well as with the class representatives, was instrumental in the parties reaching settlement.”
“Your efforts clearly went above and beyond the call of duty, both prior to and subsequent to the mediation.”
“Your name will definitely be on the top of the list the next time I am in need of an Arbitrator or Mediator.”
“Because of your persuasion and persistence, we reached a resolution satisfactory to both sides. Your services as a mediator were superb.”
Mediation Services - Arizona

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  Arizona mediation services examples
  • A claim of legal malpractice
  • A whistle-blower claim against a health care provider
  • A dispute over alleged defects in the construction of a residence and a counterclaim for payment
  • A claim by a consumer under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and the Fair Credit Reporting Act
  • An FLSA collective action involving claims of 80,000 employees
  • A contract dispute regarding payments between former partners to a publishing business
  • A dispute between a physician and a hospital over the termination of an employment contract
  • A claim by an investor against a broker over the tax consequences of an investsment
  • A claim of retaliation and discrimination against a Fortune 500 company
  • A dispute among factions seeking control of a Native American tribal council
  • A dispute between a home buyer, seller, home inspector and real estate agent over claims of misrepresentation and nondisclosure
  • A multi-million dollar property settlement dispute in a divorce proceeding
  • A whistle-blower claim against a public entity
  • A claim of retaliation and sexual harassment
  • A class action against an insurance company alleging failure to pay property damage claims
  • A legal malpractice case arising from a divorce settlement
  • A collection action between a lessor and lessee
  • A condemnation suit against a group of property owners claiming “project influence” as a defense
  • A franchise dispute over the claimed failure of the franchise to fulfill the terms of the franchise agreement
  • A claim of disability discrimination by a health care worker with the HIV virus
  • Claims by a group of home owners of construction defects due to expansive soil
  • A claim of bad faith against an insurance company
  • An ERISA suit over the denial of disability benefits
  • A dispute among factoring companies over payments under a personal injury settlement
  • A probate dispute between two siblings fighting over the assets of the estate
  • A claim of national origin and gender discrimination
  • A claim of specific performance of a real estate purchase contract by a home buyer against a developer
  • A claim of age discrimination against a large health care provider
  • A dispute over the termination of a franchise agreement
  • A construction dispute regarding delay damages
  • A dispute between the executor of an estate and a stepson over the distribution of  life insurance proceeds
  • A personal injury case involving a vehicle roll-over accident
  • A construction dispute involving claims of poor workmanship in the installation of a water and sewer system
  • A claim of defamation and trade libel in a dispute regarding allegedly toxic products
  • A claim of sexual assault by a restaurant customer
  • A claim against a surety for failure to make payments under a performance bond
  • A securities dispute involving claims of lack of suitability and breach of fiduciary duty
  • An appeal of a probate dispute
  • A dispute between business partners over the distribution of $20 million in assets
  • An age discrimination claim
  • A construction dispute between a general contractor and a subcontractor over delay damages
  • Claims for fraud and breach of contract over the foreclosure by a lender on a recreational vehicle
  • Disputes between a nephew and an uncle over the distribution of a trust
  • A personal injury action on behalf of a minor against a utility over burn injuries caused by an electrical shock
  • Claims between two partners over the distribution of assets in three businesses to be dissolved
  • A class action brought by Native American families seeking school desegregation
  • A dispute involving the violation of a covenant not to compete
  • Claims against the seller of a home alleging failure to disclose the existence of mold
  • A claim of breach of contract against a property management company
  • A claim regarding the denial of health insurance benefits and coverage
  • A dispute involving an interpretation of Arizona's Employment Protection Act
  • A claim alleging that a minor was coached to make allegations of child abuse
  • A claim of legal malpractice arising out of the representation of the purchaser in a dispute over a real estate purchase contract