“Your keen ability as a mediator, working with the government and plaintiffs’ counsel, as well as with the class representatives, was instrumental in the parties reaching settlement.”
“Your efforts clearly went above and beyond the call of duty, both prior to and subsequent to the mediation.”
“Your name will definitely be on the top of the list the next time I am in need of an Arbitrator or Mediator.”
“Because of your persuasion and persistence, we reached a resolution satisfactory to both sides. Your services as a mediator were superb.”

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"How to Effectively Prepare for Mediation"

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Now that the settlement documents have been signed and my client has received the settlement monies, I want to thank you for your assistance in resolving this matter. Without your level-headed assistance and skill as a mediator, I am convinced that this case would not have been resolved prior to trial.

Frances J. Haynes
Lewis and Roca LLP